Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ May Feature a Famous Female Hero After All

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ May Feature a Famous Female Hero After All
Peyton Reed, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll speaking at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, for “Ant Man”, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

A possible Marvel super heroine may be featured in the upcoming superhero-action project, “Ant-Man.” Read on for more details on this story.

#JanetVanCrime has been circling the Twitter sphere as Marvel fans were disappointed that Marvel super heroine and Ant-Man (Hank Pym) superhero and life partner, Janet van Dyne, will not be making a big screen appearance in the “Ant-Man” feature film. Instead, a new character is introduced, Hope Pym, daughter of Hank Pym played by Evangeline Lilly. Earlier, Lilly, along with actor Corey Stoll, was revealed as the movie’s latest addition to its cast during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

For those who are not familiar of Janet van Dyne, she is popularly known as the Wasp, the crime-fighting and life partner of Ant-Man, Hank Pym. She exhibits similar size-altering powers, fly and fire bioelectric energy called “stings.” Wasp is originally the first female member of the “Avengers” and one of the founding members of the group. She is also credited for naming the team.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Ant-Man” helmer Peyton Reed talked about the nature of the story of Paul Rudd’s character, Scott Lang.

“In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie too, in terms of the character dynamics that are going on — that really appealed to me,” explained Peyton in a conversation with Screen Rant.

Scott Lang was the second person to don the “Ant-Man” persona — there were actually three people who became Ant-Man: first was Hank Pym, while the third one was Eric O’Grady. Lang was an out-of-luck electronics expert, who turned to burglary as a means of supporting his family. Lang stole Hank Pym’s old Ant-Man equipment, taking the Ant-Man mantle in order to save his daughter, Cassie Lang.

Years later, Cassie dons the superhero persona, Stature, having the same size-altering abilities of her father through the use of Pym Particles. She is a member of the superhero team “Young Avengers,” a group of teenage superheroes with powers and abilities mirroring those of the original Avengers.

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” is an upcoming superhero film based on the comic book characters of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It features an ensemble cast including Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym, the first Ant-Man; Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man; Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne, Pym’s daughter; and Corey Stoll as antagonist Darren Cross, a.k.a. the Yellow Jacket. “Ant-Man” will be released on July 17, 2015.

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