Marvel’s Punisher Season 1 On Netflix: Vincent D’Onofrio On Kingpin’s Rumored Appearance

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Marvel’s Punisher Season 1 On Netflix: Vincent D’Onofrio On Kingpin’s Rumored Appearance
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The first season of Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix has already begun filming. But, the new superhero series is shrouded in mystery. One thing is for sure, however. Fans will have to wait longer before Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) once again face-off with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio).

Punisher vs Kingpin Showdown Will Not Happen Soon

Last week, D’Onofrio revealed that he will not be involved in the first season of Marvel’s Punisher. His character Kingpin has already met and briefly had an alliance with Bernthal’s Frank Castle. However, their second showdown after their rift inside prison will have to wait.

“Nope not a chance,” the actor told a fan when asked about the upcoming comic book series. “No Plans. Zero.” The Kingpin is primarily the archenemy of Daredevil. But he became a major villain in the comic book universe of Marvel. He also is a recurring foe of the Punisher and Spider-Man.

In the MCU, fans expect that Wilson Fisk will one day encounter and clash with Frank Castle once more. The Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen is already becoming more powerful by the minute. The last viewers saw him, he has an entire prison under his command. Even behind bars, he can threaten Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and the people he loves.

In addition, the next comic book series spun out of Marvel’s Daredevil. That said, characters from the show might turn up in Marvel’s Punisher. Deborah Ann Woll, who plays the role of Karen Page, has already signed up in Season 1.

Marvel’s Punisher Season 1 on Netflix

The first season of Bernthal’s first solo series has already started filming last year. In the set photos from Superhero Hype, the character is spotted looking a little more disheveled with longer hair and a full beard. Bernthal also finally shared a few scenes with Woll following the unlikely friendship they developed in Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2.

Marvel’s Punisher Season 1 is expected to premiere later this year (after Marvel’s Iron Fist and Marvel’s The Defenders). The series also stars Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Micro, a former analyst at the NSA. Ben Barnes also signed up as Billy Russo, Frank Castle’s best friend from the Special Forces. Amber Rose Revah,  Daniel Webber, Jason R. Moore, Paul Schulze, Jaime Ray Newman and Michael Nathanson also appear.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Marvel’s Daredevil

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