How Marvel’s The Punisher Will Be Different From Other Superhero Series

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
How Marvel’s The Punisher Will Be Different From Other Superhero Series
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Marvel’s The Punisher has already started filming and fans will soon reunite with Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) on the small screen. To tease the upcoming superhero series later this year, director Stephen Sufjik revealed how Netflix’s take on the character will be different from previous iterations and other superhero shows on television right now.

For Adults Only

The Marvel shows on Netflix are notoriously darker and more mature than the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the existence of heroes and villains with superhuman abilities, these series remain grounded to reality. This is something that fans will get to see in the first season of Marvel’s Punisher.

In an interview with Combat Radio (via, Sufjik was asked about his new project with Marvel. The filmmaker directed one episode from the series and, while he cannot divulge many details, he was able to share a bit about Bernthal’s solo superhero series.

“I can’t get into too many details, because of course the NDA that I’ve signed with Marvel are fairly comprehensive,” he apologized. “But we finished, I finished directing the finale for The Punisher, not that long ago. So, that baby is in post-production. I think I’m allowed to say that it’s really good.”

Moreover, the director confirmed that Bernthal’s first solo series will be something that has not been seen on television yet.

“It is different than the other Marvel shows as far as it is an adult drama. There are no superpowers. You know the Punisher is a character who is based on vengeance, fundamentally. His family is a victim of some horrific thing,” Sufjik revealed. “But the character himself is well-known and the way that they approach it is very different from the other shows.”

Fans have already gotten a taste of Bernthal’s version of the popular comic book vigilante in Season 2 of Daredevil.  From the looks of it, the tone of the first season of The Punisher will be a lot like Daredevil. However, without Matt Murdock watching his every move, things are expected to become more bloody as Frank Castle serves his brand of justice to the MCU.

Marvel’ The Punisher Season 1 Cast, Plot, Premiere Date

The first season of Marvel’s The Punisher will be a continuation of the story of Frank Castle, a former soldier turned vigilante whose family was murdered by a criminal group. The series will also feature Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page, the office secretary at Nelson and Murdock who took an interest in Frank Castle’s case and helped the vigilante clear his name to the public.

Screen Rant also reported that Geoffrey Cantor will also appear on the series as Ellison, the newspaper editor from Daredevil. He likely will appear alongside Woll who, by the end of Season 2, has left Nelson and Murdoch to become an investigative journalist.

Meanwhile, Ebon Moss-Bachrach was also cast as David Liberman a.k.a. Micro, a former NSA analyst who somehow became a fugitive.  A man who is very efficient in front of a computer, he will serve as the Punisher’s sidekick/”guy in the chair.”

Ben Barnes also joined the cast as Billy Russo, a friend of Frank Castle from his army days. He now runs a private military corporation called “Anvil” and will likely clash with the Punisher.

The series also includes Jamie Ray Newman, Amber Rose Revah, Michael Nathanson, Jason R. Moore, Daniel Webber and Paul Schulze.

Netflix nor Marvel has announced the premiere date of Marvel’s The Punisher but based on leaked information, all episodes of Season 1 will drop by November.

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