Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Recap: The Secret of Doom’s Power; Thanos up to No Good

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars’ Recap: The Secret of Doom’s Power; Thanos up to No Good
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The fifth issue of Marvel’s crossover event, “Secret Wars” was out yesterday. And it is left us some harrowing implications for the heroes in “Battleworld.” Read on to find out more.

“Secret Wars #5,” by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Rebek delved into the history of Battleworld. Framed by a conversation between ‘Dr. Doom’ and ‘Molecule Man’, readers will learn about Doom’s successful charge against ‘the Beyonders.’ The issue also gives insight into the creation of Battleworld, showing Doom defeated the Beyonders with their own weapon. He accepts the released energy into himself, becoming the omnipotent “God of Battleworld.”  Though the IGN review describes this issue of “Secret Wars” as “dialogue-driven and exposition-heavy,” the last couple of pages may have some big implications for the future of the series.

In the last page of this issue, the mad god  ‘Thanos’ is shown breaching ‘The Shield.’ It is the wall that protects majority of the planet from Marvel Zombies, Ultron robots and other monstrous creepy crawlies. Turns out, Thanos may be the real villain in Secret Wars after all.

“Secret Wars” is Marvel Comics crossover event that bases its premise on different Marvel universes being destroyed and replaced by one Battleworld. This planet is ruled by Dr. Doom with an iron fist. It is populated many versions of the various Marvel characters, mainly from famous storylines of the past.The series has received critical acclaim for the quality of writing, as well as the epic scale of the story.

“Secret Wars” is currently running on over 44 different Marvel series, and requires fanatical amounts of  devotion of keeping up with. Thankfully, Kotaku has created a helpful summary of the high points of the series across all the books.

Thanos will feature as the primary antagonist in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, “The Avengers II.”

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