Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man:’ Is The Studio Making Spider-Man An Inhuman?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man:’ Is The Studio Making Spider-Man An Inhuman?
Marvel’s Spider-Man

The origin of “Spider-Man” is believed to take a new direction with Marvel. The Studio plans to make “Spider-Man an Inhuman.” Read on to know more details.

Marvel Studios got back the rights for Sony’s “Spider-Man” franchise. Now, in a combined effort with Sony, Marvel could save the franchise and give the “Spider-Man” film that we have all been waiting for.

According to, Marvel plans to make “Spider-Man an Inhuman.” The Inhumans have been the focus in Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD’ second season. In fact, the idea that the mass spreading of terrigen crystals in the second season finale of “Agents of SHIELD” that incur power within people, has helped Marvel to give a new direction to the origin of “Spider-Man.” Indeed, this would be an easy and convenient approach in introducing the character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

With the contact of the terrigen crystals, not only super powered population increase, but also the Inhumans would increase. Marvel considers this concept as the “perfect gateway to introduce Spider-Man” and makes it clear how his powers originated. So, Marvel’s new Spider-Man would be the “by-product of the terrigen fish oil pills.”

The new “Spider-Man an Inhuman” would be a new, exciting and fresh approach deviating from the origin, and going straight into the story. However, the new “Spider-Man” story would not be completely different. It would still include every typical feature of the “Spider-Man” origin story, but consistent with the current events in the universe. The only difference in the new “Spider-Man an Inhuman” would be the way in which the Spider-Man receives his powers.

It is well known that Marvel is not scared to change the origins of their characters or stories. The Studio just want their characters and stories to “best fit their ever-expanding” Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do you still think that Marvel’s idea of Spider-Man being an Inhuman is absurd? Let us know your thoughts!

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’

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