Mary Kate Olsen Has Secret Wedding; Guess Who Were Not Invited

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Mary Kate Olsen Has Secret Wedding; Guess Who Were Not Invited
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Mary Kate Olsen, 29 and Oliver Sarkozy, 46 got married over the long weekend. However, according to reports, it was surprising to note that her former on-screen uncle and daddy were not included in the guest list.

Dave Coulier, who played the character Joey Gladstone on the show “Full House” was Mary Kate’s uncle in the show. Coulier shared with ET that he was not invited for the nuptials, that took place in New York. However, the actor was very happy when he heard the good news of his ex-co-star. In a statement given to ET, Coulier said that he would like to congratulate his on-screen niece and her husband and wished the entire world’s happiness for them. He also said that he was sending his love to the newlywed couple.

On the other hand, Bob Saget, who was the on-screen daddy of Mary Kate Olsen on the hit TV series have known her and Ashley Olsen, (Mary Kate Olsen’s twin sister) for many years now. However, even Saget’s name was not included in the guest list of the wedding.

Saget said that he was extremely happy to hear the news. He also sent a text to the newlyweds. He shared this on “Today” show this Monday. He insisted that there were no hard feelings between Mary Kate and him. He loved Mary Kate a lot and hoped that they are happy.

Mary Kate and Ashley, played the character of Michelle Tanner on the hit sitcom from years 1987 to 1995 but the twin sisters would not join the remaining cast for the Netflix reboot, “Fuller House”.

Last Friday was a crucial day in the lives of actress Mary Kate Olsen and her French beau, who is a banker by profession. The couple exchanged their vows in front of their close friends and family members. According to Page Six, the marriage was an intimate event and took place in New York.

The website also reported that there was a cocktail party immediately after the wedding. It was held in a private residence and there were innumerable bowls that were full with cigarettes as a part of the wedding décor.


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mary Kate Olsen

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