Massive ‘Prometheus 2’ Plot Leak: Will The Black Goo Serve a Bigger Purpose in the Sequel?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Massive ‘Prometheus 2’ Plot Leak: Will The Black Goo Serve a Bigger Purpose in the Sequel?
Insiders tipped a massive “Prometheus 2” plot leak about Shaw, David, the Engindeers, the Black Goo, and more.

Insiders gave a massive tip to a “Prometheus” forum member regarding possible “Prometheus 2” plot as well as the sequel’s development. What are these details? Read on for more.

“Prometheus” forum member Big Dave claimed that someone he knew was able to speak with a source very familiar with the development of the upcoming “Prometheus 2,” noting the appearance of characters such as Shaw, David, Engineers, and many more.

The credibility of the source was also questioned. And the only reputation that the source had was witnessing some concept work of the film for six months.

Still, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

Moving forward, the source tipped that the film would not focus mainly on Shaw and David on board the Juggernaut and that it would have three main plot lines, including Shaw and David’s mission to Paradise.

Furthermore, the real identity of the Engineers were “servants” and not God or creators.

The source also revealed that “Prometheus 2” would connect LV-223 and LV-426. As for the mission to LV-223, Project Prometheus was not the first mission, implying that there were previous groups, or just a group, who journeyed to LV-223.

Two new monsters in the film were also expected to be featured, having connections to the Xenomorphs, but are not exactly the same as Xenomorphs.

The insider also noted that a loose connection between the Engineers and the Prometheus myth were made, which related to the “fire.”

The source also mentioned about the Black Goo, in which it would return as a means to create life instead of being a weapon.

It was also noted that the focus would be the order of creation and ancient gods, not evolution or ancient aliens connection.

One of the characters, David, would desire to play God himself.

There were also ideas coming from the original Star Beast that would be included in “Prometheus 2.” When referring to the agenda of the Creators and Engineers, the feel would be somewhat like “Matrix” and “Blade Runner”.

Lastly, concepts and ideas that were not incorporated in the “Prometheus” would be shown in the sequel.

It should be noted that “Prometheus 2” reportedly went through at least 15 re-workings, which could mean that some of these were revised along the way. However, the points that the insider gave was said to have made a lot of sense, implying that some of these leaks were elements from the sequel.

Nevertheless, MNG continues to remind the readers to take these with a grain of salt as the “Prometheus” distributor 20th Century Fox is yet to make an official statement.

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