Masterchef Junior Season 2 Recap: Mom Knows Best

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Masterchef Junior Season 2 Recap: Mom Knows Best
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/ | Chef Gordon Ramsay

The latest episode of “Masterchef Junior” Season 2, Episode 3 “Mom Knows Best,” narrowed the Top 10 to 8. Who won the challenge? What challenges did the kids went through? Who went home? Read on for the full recap.

Another mystery box challenge was presented to the kids, and Graham revealed a box of cupcakes. The judges then asked the kids to pick which cupcake to taste. Once they’re done picking, the kids were grouped into teams, and they were challenged to make a dozen cupcakes. There was a twist — when they opened up another box, they found ties.

The ties were meant to be tied to their waists and their ankles. The teams were Sam and Adaiah, Levi and Samuel, Josh and Oona and lastly, Logan and Sean.

Each team made two types of cupcakes. Josh and Oona tried something challenging when they whipped up bacon maple syrup cupcakes while Sam and Adaiah made orange honey blossom and vanilla with raspberry. Logan and Sean kept it simple with their raspberry-filled chocolate cupcake, while Abby and Mitchell made Mexican hot chocolate and chocolate peanut butter cup.

Logan and Sean won the round, and the surprise kept on coming when Gordon’s mom suddenly appeared and presented the winners with her three awesome dishes: chicken curry, fish finger sandwich, and shepherd’s pie. They were given the choice to pick one. The kids chose shepherd pie, which meant that the other kids would have to whip out their own shepherd pie. Some kids struggled, but the judges were there to guide and encourage them.

Here are their dishes:

Oona made curry shepherd’s pie with beef and Italian sausage.

Samuel made Moroccan shepherd’s pie with parsnip mashed potatoes.

Abby made shepherd’s pie with pumpkin and sweet potato puree.

Levi made lamb shepherd’s pie with parmesan mashed potatoes.

Josh made deconstructed shepherd’s pie with peas and carrots.

Mitchell made lamb/beef shepherd’s pie with celery root mashed potatoes.

Adaiah made shepherd’s pie napoleon with pear-pea and pepper sauce.

Sam made shepherd’s pie with ground beef with pea puree and mashed potatoes.

In the end, two dishes stood out, and they were Levi’s and Adaiah’s. Oona, Mitchell and Sam were the weakest this round. Oona was saved, while Mitchell and Sam were sent home.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/’gordonramsaysubmissions’

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