Masterchef Junior Season 2 Recap: November 11, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Masterchef Junior Season 2 Recap: November 11, 2014 Episode
Gordon Ramsay in 2010. June 27, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/’gordonramsaysubmissions’

Masterchef Junior” Season 2 Episode 2 (Nov. 11, 2014) gave pancakes and maple syrup a twist.

The three winners of last week’s challenge — Samuel, Sean and Oona — were called in to compete first. Their challenge? Pancakes. They were sent to pancake stations, and they had to make the highest stack of pancakes within six minutes while the three judges stand below their stations. Whoever loses will be doused in maple syrup. Meanwhile, the winner of this round will also have an advantage in the next round and a chance to save one of the judges.

When the kids started making pancakes and stacking them, that’s when they realized that it wasn’t an easy task. Sean won the round with 19 pancakes stacked up over Samuel’s 16 pancakes and Oona’s 9. It was entertaining to watch Gordon Ramsay get doused in maple syrup. Even though Sean won this round, he didn’t save Joe, which means that the three judges were doused in maple syrup.

After that round, they all moved forward to the next challenge while Sean sits this one out. He was also given the chance to choose which type of cream pie they will cook. There were three choices: chocolate cream pie, fruit cream pie or citrus cream pie. He chose citrus cream pie, and he also got an advantage to save one of the constestants. He chose Mitchell because he thinks that he can already do a citrus cream pie.

The kids were given an hour to make their own citrus cream pie and to impress the judges.

It’s time for the kids to let the judges see what they’ve done, and some had a hard time making their pies, while others were so confident with what they have done. What stood out the most were Levi’s and Adaiah’s pies, and they won this round. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jessica were sent home.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/’gordonramsaysubmissions’

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