Masterchef Junior Season 3 Premiere Recap

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Masterchef Junior Season 3 Premiere Recap
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/ | Chef Gordon Ramsay

Just after three weeks, “Masterchef Junior” is back for its third season! The little chefs are here to make us wow again and think about why we couldn’t do what they can in the kitchen (well, most of us). Read below for the full recap.

19 junior chefs, three reputable chefs/judges – oh, the pressure! Good thing they’re kids meaning they get treated very nicely by their chefs especially Gordon, who’s well known for his kitchen temper.

Mystery box challenge time! Inside the this week’s box are the following: salmon, mango, broccoli, corn, soy sauce, coconut milk, puff pastry and tomatillos. The chefs can also use the ingredients in the staple pantry box and then they all set off to work.

The judges roam around to look at what the chefs are cooking and also do a bit of an interview about them. It allows viewers to get to know the chefs. They are looking for something unique but during the challenge, Kayla cut two fingers. She gets patched up and immediately went back to work and this is really very impressive.

The judges tried out Jenna’s Coconut Rice Pudding with Mango-Mint Compote, Jack’s Chard-Wrapped Salmon with Coconut Fish Broth and Seared Broccolini and Kayla’s Mango Turnover with Coconut Crème Anglaise and Mango Coulis.

So, who won this round? Well, the judges had a hard time picking from their top 3 so they all announced them winners, which is first. Jack, Jenna and Kayla are all safe from the elimination round. They were also given the chance to choose which dish the chefs will make next. It’s a pasta challenge so they were given three choices: ravioli, lasagna or pappardelle. They chose the easiest pappardelle hoping that it’s so easy, it will be difficult. The chefs are to work on their own pasta sauce, which will make all the difference.

Here are what the junior chefs whipped up: Andrew made Bacon Cream Sauce; Riley made Tomato-Shallot Sauce, AJ made Mexican Oregano Tomato Sauce; Jimmy made Vodka (No Vodka) Sausage Sauce; Jianna made Pesto Sauce; Quincy made Tomato Sauce; Parker made Spicy Italian Sausage with Tomato; Philly made Red Sauce and Ryan Kate made Tomato Basil Mushroom Sauce.

The judges loved Ryan Kate and Andrew’s pasta sauces.

With 19 chefs at first, they were now down at 14 as we bid goodbye to Quincy, Parker, Philly, AJ and Jianna.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/gordonramsaysubmissions

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