MasterChef Junior Season 3 Recap: Easy as Pie

By April Lara | 3 years ago
MasterChef Junior Season 3 Recap: Easy as Pie
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/ | Chef Gordon Ramsay

This week, in “MasterChef Junior” Season 3 Episode 2 “Easy as Pie,” the young chefs were given the chance to shove a pie on the judges’ faces and make quite a difficult dish to plate — sausages. Read below for the full recap.

This episode was the first team elimination challenge, and last week’s winners – Ryan Kate, Jimmy and Andrew — will first compete for another advantage on the next round. And what are they going to make? Pies.

They have to make enough meringue for 12 lemon meringue pies, and whoever wins the challenge will get the chance to throw the pie in one of the judge’s face. Ryan Kate aims to throw a pie in Joe’s face, Jimmy goes for Graham’s face and Andrew for Gordon’s. This challenge wasn’t so much about the quality of the meringue, but it’s all about making it really fast and win.

Jimmy won this round, so he threw a pie in Graham’s face. Then each of the kids were asked to pick up the pies and throw it in their chosen judge’s face. Of course, Gordon got the majority of the pies. Well, it’s not every day that you get to do that to a world-renowned chef.

During the elimination round, since Jimmy won the first round, he get to pick the teams of each junior chef. He chose to pair up with Kyler while he chose Andrew and Cory to work together simply because he knows that both are great chefs, but they have different styles, which means that they’re going to clash. They were to make sausage from various meats and present it stunningly to the judges. This was pretty hard. Can you plate a sausage appealingly?

Here’s what the teams made:

Mia and Jenna – Pork and chorizo sausage with sauerkraut and roasted potatoes

Micah and Alexis – Pork sausage with white bean and swiss chard stew

Ayla and Riley – Pork and sage sausage with mustard mashed potatoes and onion gravy

Jimmy and Kyler – Pork and kangaroo sausage with egg and fennel salad with a biscuit

Ryan Kate and Kayla – Pork and venison sausage with vegetables and polenta

Andrew and Cory – Chorizo and pork sausage with spinach and spaetzle

Jimmy was right, Andrew and Cory didn’t work harmoniously, and they came up with the one of the worst dish this round, along with Micah and Alexis’ dish. The best dish went to Jenna and Mia.

In the end, Alexis and Micah were the ones who were sent home.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/gordonramsaysubmissions

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