‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3: 5 Things To Expect [Spoilers]

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3: 5 Things To Expect [Spoilers]

Award-winning American period drama, “Masters of Sex,” which is set in the 1950s and 1960s has been teaching all us how to love since 2013. The series is back with the third season with raunchy sex revolution and the utterly appreciated relationship of beloved scientists Dr Masters and his assistant-turned-mistress Virginia Johnson. Golden Globe Award nominee of 2013 for Best Drama Series, “Master of Sex” will premiere on July 12, 2015, with 12 brand new episodes of Season 3. The show has kept us hooked and we would like to spill the beans as to what’s coming this next season:

*Spoilers Alert*

  1. Rose To Fame: The pair of Dr William Masters And Virginia Johnson played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan will be seen rising to fame since their first published book, ‘Human Sexual Response’ is an instant sellout. The season will focus on effects and cope theories to deal with fame.
  2. Sexual Revolution: The show with season 3 will take viewers to sixties wherein a lot of revolution in the field had taken place. “Masters of Sex” Season 3 will bring the President Kennedy’s infidelity mirroring in Dr Masters and Johnson’s relationship. It was the year when America got introduced to pills, feminist issues and LGBT revolutions.
  3. Return of Ethan and Scully: The season 3 is hopeful in making a comeback entry gateway to these two characters. Scully who had gone for ‘cure’ of his attraction towards men appeared as the mystery character at the end of season 2 who helped Bill. Also, Ethan Haas who is Virginia’s ex and Bill’s rival will be seen against them competing with different research studies.
  4. 4. Libby’s New Love Affair: Once a doting wife, Libby had been looking for getting intimate since she wasn’t getting it from Dr Masters. She made her moves very smartly towards Nanny Coral’s brother, Robert Franklin. This is going to be a good season for her to show her true colors.
  5. The Fate of Marriage: Libby dropped the bomb last season ending. It was when she announced that she knows about Bill and Virginia. In the new clips, she is seen telling Virginia that ‘she is willing to share.’ What are her next raunchy moves?

This is for sure divorce is not on the cards for Dr Masters. And with the unplanned pregnancy who knows what is next to come.

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