‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3: Lizzy Caplan On Virginia’s Evolution

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3: Lizzy Caplan On Virginia’s Evolution

The third season of “Masters of Sex” is coming on July 12, 2015 and while the fans of this period drama television show are eagerly waiting, Lizzy Caplan, the protagonist who plays smoldering Virginia gave a little insight into her character for the season 3.

In the season 3 of “Masters of Sex” the story of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson jumps forward into 1960s and this is that time of their life when they don’t have to worry about being the outsiders or the underdogs. The duo are now on the verge of some ground-breaking revolutions and now the world is eager to hear what Bill and Virginia has to say.

According to 32-year-old Lizzy Caplan, in season 3 of “Masters of Sex” Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson are going to be extremely busy and Virginia is going to focus more on her presentations rather than spending time worrying about other aesthetics so this time the fans of Lizzy will be a little disappointed as her character will stay a little behind the other characters as the story will move forward.

It’s less than a month for “Masters of Sex” and at this moment we can only imagine that, season 3 is going to be an enormous block of episodes for Virginia Johnson as there are other characters who are going to play some vital roles. We should only push the story forward in a way by the time we get to the finale of the season 3.

Stay tuned for other important “Masters of Sex” scoops.

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Image Source: Facebook/Masters of Sex

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