Masters of Sex: The Unplanned Baby Is On The Way [ Spoilers]

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Masters of Sex: The Unplanned Baby Is On The Way [ Spoilers]

The new season of Masters of Sex is going to be spicier than the previous two. When the show will hit in a couple of days, the plots and the sub-plots are going to be more exciting and the Sexual Revolution is going to hit in full swing.

In the upcoming season of Masters of Sex, Libby (played by Caitlin Fitzgerald) had not only accepted her husband Bill Masters’ (played by Michael Sheen) infidelity with his sexual research partner Virginia Johnson (played by Lizzy Caplan) but even looks at Virginia as her friend as after Libby, Virginia is the only one who understand her complex husband.

According to TVguide, Virginia and Libby will come closer than ever before and their three-way marriage will take an unexpected turn when one of them will get pregnant.

The news that either Libby or Virgina is pregnant will surely come as a surprise for everyone including to Bill Masters. Season 3 of Masters of Sex will focus on Bill’s and Libby’s ground-breaking research and the publication of their first book, Human Sexual Response and the timing of someone getting pregnant could not be any worse. As, any hint at loose morals could definitely undermine all their efforts.

Premiered on September, 2013 Masters of Sex is an American period drama series that follows the story of Bill Masters who becomes the first (recognized) scientist to find human sexual responses. The TV series is highly acclaimed and ever since its inception, Masters of Sex has won many accolades including a Primetime Emmy Award.

Season 3 of Masters of Sex will premiere on July 12, 2015 and will again follow the story of Bill Masters, Libby, and Virgina Johnson and the undergoing sexual research and with one of the character being pregnant, the creators of the show has already started the buzz at they spiced up the season.

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