‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3 Spoilers: Virginia Johnson Aborts Baby In Episode 2! [WATCH]

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Masters of Sex’ Season 3 Spoilers: Virginia Johnson Aborts Baby In Episode 2! [WATCH]

The Showtime’s classic period drama series, “Masters of Sex” launched with its first episode on July 12, 2015. The show opened with pleasures and problems it had been carrying since the last two seasons. “Masters of Sex” Season 3 promises the intimacy, the new feminism issues and the all-spoken-about sexual revolution of 60s.

“Masters of Sex” Season 3 Episode 1 Overview:

“Parliament of Owls” pulled curtains with the time jump to the year 1965 with longtime lovers Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson in tow. The book “Human Sexual Responses” is being publicized and kids are all grown up. The show opens with the intimacy of Bill while he tells Virginia, “You should stop talking so I can fuck you properly before we try to sleep.” The first episode of “Masters of Sex” takes time into remedial parenting with Tessa, now 15-years-old hitting on Bill.

Though, seemed a bit too melodramatic but the Libby, the sweet housewife has finally broke-free from obstacles of her character and fans are left wondered as to what’s next!

“Masters of Sex” Season 3 Episode 2 Spoilers:

“Masters of Sex” has that undying charm that even after many flaws the show stands out in one way or the other by attracting fans with crisp twists offered by characters. The third season, episode 2 of “Masters of Sex” brings you the abortion!

Since, it’s known now that Virginia is pregnant. According to her senses, she will be seen taking a very practical strong decision to do abortion. Bill will be seen talking to Virginia that she will be having a baby with her ex-husband, wherein Virginia Johnson will correct her saying, “I said I am pregnant, I didn’t say I’ll be having a baby!”

The actual life Virginia Johnson had two children with her ex-husband George Johnson.

Johnson will also be seen sitting with all the glory she has and saying that maybe her ex-husband is not the father. Libby will be very concerned as she knows this will be affecting her the most as Johnson has no one else in mind except her husband [Bill].

[jwplayer mediaid=”74425″]

Bill Masters will confront Virginia’s ex-husband and ask to provide his name for the baby and he’ll be denying it. Will this create a new twist in the intimacy of Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson?

We are yet to find!

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