Mateus Ward Rumored to Play the New Spider-Man

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Mateus Ward Rumored to Play the New Spider-Man
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Amazing Spider-Man | Mateus Ward has reportedly auditioned for the role of the new Spider-Man. Is he the new Spider-Man?

Sony shocked everyone with the news that Andrew Garfield will no longer be reprising his role as Spider-Man. Now, a slew of actors are rumored to be playing the new Spider-Man and one of them is Mateus Ward. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Spider-Man is one of the most famous Marvel characters to ever come alive on screen. It’s no wonder that Sony and Marvel are putting so much effort into choosing the best actor to portray the role of Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the next reboot.

Fans have started to speculate a number of actors that would be perfect as Spider-Man. Some of them include Dylan O’Brien, Logan Lerman, Miles Teller, Taylor Lautner and even Zac Efron.

With recent reports saying that the “Spider-Man” reboot will feature a teenage Peter Parker, another news came in saying that Mateus Ward has auditioned for the role.

According to Badass Digest, 16-year-old Mateus Ward has auditioned for the role of the new Spider-Man. The outlet reported that Marvel held auditions for 16-17 year old actors in a top-secret location.

Ward has previously starred in CBS’ “Hostages” and the comedy show, “Weeds.”

This news might come as a shock for some who were expecting for a black-hispanic teenage Peter Parker in the all-new Spider-Man. According to Telegraph, Miles Morales was immediately rumored to be the new Spidey when this news came in.

The outlet cited a couple of tweets from fans who were frankly disappointed to hear that Mateus Ward auditioned for the role.

A user named Ben Marcum tweeted: “If Mateus Ward is Spider-Man, then I should play Luke Cage #thingsthatshouldneverhappen”

Other Spider-Man fans shared the same sentiments over Ward, while others thought that Ward would do a good job as the new Spider-Man. Well, just as Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada said via Screen Rant, “Get Peter’s character right and the rest falls into place.”

While there is still no face or name to play for the new Spider-Man, rumor has it that the new Spider-Man will cameo “Captain America: Civil War,” which begins shooting in two weeks. This news leads fans to believe that either Marvel and Sony need to find the new Spider-Man or this news is nothing but a rumor.

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Photo Source: Facebook/The Amazing Spider-Man

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