Matt Bellamy Disses Kate Hudson; ‘Almost Famous’ Star Dates ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough

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Matt Bellamy Disses Kate Hudson; ‘Almost Famous’ Star Dates ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Derek Hough
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikipedia Commons/Katie Kiehn | Kate Hudson after promoting “You Me and Dupree” on the “Late Show with David Letterman”

Everyone’s heartbroken about the Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy break up — all except Bellamy apparently! As reported by TMZ, some paparazzi caught up with the Muse singer earlier today and he said he was actually “happy” that the engagement fell through.

This was not the first time that Bellamy has showed his lack of disappointment in the break up. He recently tweeted that they were both “very happy” and that the break up was “for the best.” 

The estranged couple called off their four-year engagement earlier this week. A few reports claim that the split was because of the “Almost Famous” star’s emphasis on her career. Her relationship allegedly had to take the backseat a couple of times so that she could focus on herself as an actress.

Hudson and Bellamy, however, remained “very close” and wanted to be committed co-parents to their three-year-old son Bingham Hawn Bellamy.

Hudson was not too hung on the break up either as she had been spotted making out with “Dancing with the Stars” pro Derek Hough.

A source from Us Weekly claims that the two were kissing in the Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles. The eyewitness says that the stars “ate dinner, drank, and stayed past closing.” Another insider from Radar confirmed that the two are definitely together but wanted to take things slow.

“Everyone knows that Kate and Derek have been hooking up. His friends have told him to stay away because he doesn’t want to seem responsible for ruining a relationship,” the source told Us Weekly.

Even before Hudson and Hough had been linked together, the actress gushed about spending time with the dancer to stay in shape.

“I love to dance. It's my creative outlet. My heart is really in contemporary jazz, but lately I've been ballroom dancing with Derek Hough,” she told Shape Magazine.

The dancer also refused to talk about his budding romance with Hudson, saying that it was “not really his place to talk about.”

What do you think of Matt Bellamy dissing Kate Hudson? Do you think the "Almost Famous" star and Derek Hough should continue dating? Sound off in the comments below. 

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