Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne and Other Stars Get Schooled at Jimmy Kimmel’s School of Perfect Acting [WATCH VIDEO]

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Matt Damon, Eddie Redmayne and Other Stars Get Schooled at Jimmy Kimmel’s School of Perfect Acting [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Academy Awards recently ended, and as it turns out, these stars only have Jimmy Kimmel to thank in a special Oscars edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Hollywood star and award-winning actors and actresses have much to thank Jimmy Kimmel for. In a hilarious special Oscars edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” stars appeared as Kimmel’s students.

Kimmel opened the clip and introduced himself. The clip then transitions to Benedict Cumberbatch stating that the Jimmy Kimmel School of Perfect Acting is the “greatest acting school there ever was or ever will be.”

Lupita Nyong’o admits that when she forgot to thank Kimmel when she received her award as Best Supporting Actress, she arrived home with her windows bashed. Harvey Weinstein even said that genius is an understatement and that he wouldn’t take actors who didn’t study under Kimmel.

Kimmel goes on and describes himself as a sculptor. Kimmel then teaches Eddie Redmayne how to perfect the British accent.

Kristen Bell says that Kimmel tested her limits as an actress and as a human being. Jennifer Aniston then enters the stage, and Kimmel repeats every word or phrase she says. Kimmel then asks Aniston to do a “distrust fall” with him and tells her that he won’t catch her.

Gary Oldman admits that Kimmel thought he couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, so he proves himself while acting in a huge paper bag. In the end, Kimmel tells him that he was wrong.

Sean Penn says that Kimmel has a thing called “smacting,” where he gets smacked in the head with a pool noodle while reading his lines. He admits that Kimmel pushed him to drink milk even when he was lactose intolerant only to find out that there was no dairy in the movie, “Milk.”

Matt Damon then appears as Kimmel’s chair. Damon admits that he has been in school for two years, but so far, he has only played chairs or lamps. When Damon boasts about his movies, Kimmel arrives and places a lampshade on his head and tells him, “Lamps don’t talk.”

Apparently, Kimmel doesn’t have a favorite student because he hates them all.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/nickon


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