Matt Damon LEAVES his wife —— to pay the parking meter after a nice dinner

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Matt Damon showed us his chivalrous side on Tuesday when he treated his beautiful, Luciana to a dinner at the Tavern Restaurant in Brentwood. However, the actor was either really worried about getting recognized and bombarded with fans or, he might just have been really really hungry. Anywho, he brisked away to the restaurant leaving his wife behind to fill in the parking meter.

Matt Damon
While Matt made his way to the eatery clutching a wad of cash in his hand, his wife made sure they parked legally by filling in the parking meter.

I guess this is what it’s like to be famous. Always in a constant hurry to get to your desired place before someone spots you and tells the others. Pretty soon you’ll be trapped inside a circle of people wanting your autograph and pictures.

On the low-key date with his wife, Matt sported a white Tee and a pair of jeans. He finished off his look with a nice cap on his head and boots down below.
Meanwhile Luciana wore a baggy black button-down top, ripped jeans and flip flops.
The Argentine-born beauty wore her dark hair in a ponytail and covered her face with sunglasses.

The Elysium star, 43, met Luciana in Miami where she was working as a bartender. They married in New York eight years ago.

Looking at the way the couple dressed it was clear that the couple had managed to steal away what little time they had away from their busy lives to get together and enjoy a meal as husband and wife.

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