Matthew McConaughey Targeted To Play Randall Flag in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Matthew McConaughey Targeted To Play Randall Flag in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

Warner Bros. Studios is pushing their movie adaptation of Stephen King’s”The Stand” with “The Fault In Our Stars” director Josh Boone and Matthew McConaughey the one being greatly considered to play the villain named Randall Flag. Read on to learn more about the story.

McConaughey proves to be one of the high caliber actors today since he took a drastic transition in his career path. From cliché romantic comedies to highly remarkable cinematic masterpieces, the Award – Winning actor certainly showed the world that he is not just for laughs. He proved that immensely when we saw an all too serious and profound side of him in “Dallas Buyers Club.” We’ve also witnessed another plum side of his acting in HBO’s “True Detective.”

Embracing such change since he magnificently portrayed heavy ridden characters, McConaughey has been offered to do roles for a lot of upcoming movies. One of them is Warner Bros. Studios film adaptation project of Stephen King’s notable and highly influential novel entitled “The Stand.”

According to Deadline, Matthew McConaughey is basically one of the most considered actors to play Randall Flag, the villain in the Stephen King film.  In the novel, Flagg is the utmost embodiment of everything that is evil. He is a sacrilegious figure that spreads chaos that follows after a plague that almost wiped out the entire population of the planet.

This is not actually the first time that the book is to be adapted. It was showcased by ABC as a feature medium in the form of a miniseries in 1994.  It was a well recognized adaptation, but the series most compelling element was the acting of James Sheridan as he portrayed Randall Flag astoundingly.

In the speculation of Screen Rant, McConaughey’s recently acclaimed acting caliber is more than enough to bring this element back to life. He bears the compelling Southern charm that would greatly coincide with Flagg’s alluring tendencies but then he’s also got the indifference and cold hearted demeanor to pull off the villain card with grand gestures. As it would seem not only does he fit the role, McConaughey could definitely own it.

Randall Flag is namely one of the most iconic villains in Stephen King’s novels apart from “The Stand.” He was also featured in “The Eyes of the Dragon” and possibly in “Hearts in Atlantis” as well as “The Dark Tower.”

For those who are not familiar with its plot, “The Stand” takes place in an apocalyptic setting where human beings face an inevitable extinction caused by a modified super – virus called Captain Trips. The story then revolves in the few remaining survivors on their journey of overcoming extinction and rebuilding a whole new world after the destruction of the old. The movie project is currently going through its initial stages of pre – production so we shall have to wait and see how the casting will really turn out. However, you can certainly catch Matthew McConaughey on the big screen in the opening of “Interstellar” on November 7,2014.

That concludes our update in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Matthew McConaughey’s possible involvement. Continue to browse Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment world.

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