Matthew Morrison Disses ‘Glee’ Days after Series Finale

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Matthew Morrison Disses ‘Glee’ Days after Series Finale

Matthew Morrison has unleashed criticisms against the drama series he has been a part of for quite a few years. The actor, who played the music teacher Will Schuester on “Glee,” slammed the show for a number of reasons, including losing its audience because of its big cast. Read on for more details.

Speaking with New York Magazine and as published on Vulture, Morrison said that the musical drama “Glee” used to be the coolest show on television. It was groundbreaking and different. It changed TV in some ways, too. It was because it paved the way for a lot of theater actors, who cater to lovers of performing arts and culture, to be more exposed to a different audience composed mostly of the MTV generation.

But Morrison notes that high didn’t last long and “Glee” slowly lost its stride. It hit the show hardest when the network decided to move it to Fridays, which he says is “where shows go to die.” Morrison further said that the decline continued when more characters were introduced into the story.

“There are a lot of people and a lot of story lines. It’s one of the biggest casts on television. They have the New Directions, the original New Directions, and then you have the new New Directions. The new ones didn’t really click with people, so they had to start bringing back in the old people,” he told the magazine.

Because of this, the plot lines on “Glee” grew confusing, leaving other stories to be forgotten and abandoned.

Morrison is not alone in his sentiments, as his co-star Jane Lynch, who played Sue Sylvester, the coach of the cheerleading squad in the show’s fictional high school, also agreed that some stories were not given its proper closure. Meanwhile, she had to do some plot lines six times over.

Lynch was specifically referring to the love-hate relationship between her character and Morrison’s Schuester. She notes that as Sue, she sought redemption from Schuester six times in the entire run of the series.

Still, Matthew Morrison recognizes what the show has done for him.

“It definitely afforded me the lifestyle that I’ve loved to have,” he said in the interview.

“Glee” premiered on FOX in 2009 and bowed out of television after six seasons on Mar. 15, 2015.

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