McCartney and Springsteen End Concert Early

By admin | 6 years ago

Bruce Springsteen was waiting for the moment for a long, long time. He told a crowd of over 65,000 that he had wanted to do this for more than 50 years. For the finale of his London Hyde Park slot on Saturday, Springsteen had arranged an incredible treat for his fans: a collaboration, onstage with Paul McCartney the legend of the Beatles.

However, the megastar from the U.S. did not rely on the London council making a decision that showed the Boss, who the real boss was. At the tail end of a set of three hours, McCartney and Springsteen, backed by Springsteen’s E Street Band and guitarist Tom Morello from the Rage Against the Machine, played an incredible rendition to a raucous crowd of, I Saw Her Standing There. Springsteen was like a child in a candy shop with a huge grin on his face.

The group then went directly into a version of Twist and Shout, but just when the night was beginning to peak, against a huge firework display, a man could be seen at the back of the stage waving frantically indicating to the rock legends that their time was drawing to an end.

The set was cut off at 10:40 pm, 25 minutes after it was supposed to come to an end at 10:15 pm. Concerts now held in the well-heeled area have been reduced from 13 to 9 and the crowd has been reduced from 80,000 capacity to just 65,000. Many fans tweeted their displeasure about the two being cut short. One said that only in Britain could the two best rock stars of the last 50 years be cut short. Sunday night Paul Simon takes to the stage and he too should be aware that the lights go out at 10:15 in London.

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