Meat Loaf Apologetic: “Sorry For The Angry Harsh Words, Australia!”

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Meat Loaf Apologetic: “Sorry For The Angry Harsh Words, Australia!”
Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf was sincerely apologetic after his tiff with the Australian Football League. The singer had lashed out at the AFL after the 2011 AFL grand final audience had criticized his performance on the show. Read on.

Meat Loaf had gotten into trouble with the audiences of the 2011 AFL Grand Finals, when his vocal cords gave way during the performance due to a slight hemorrhage building up in the cords. The audience had criticized him heavily and his relationship with the Australian nation had permanently soured because of this minor altercation.

Meat Loaf has made some glorious mistakes in dealing with the problems on his end too. He had gone on record to call the AFL “the cheapest people” he had ever seen. This piece of opinion made its way to the newsstand via the Billboard magazine and Meat Loaf’s Australian fans were thoroughly disappointed in him.

He had told the press that he no longer had the kind of voice that he had when he was younger. He has had surgery done on his vocal cords and he literally bled out of them every night he was singing when he was touring in Australia. He was therefore disappointed when the audience failed to notice the effort he had put in to entertain them and had instead complained of him not hitting the right note in the Australian Grand Final Concert. This made Meat Loaf so bitter, he called the people in AFL, “the cheapest people” he had ever seen.

He has now issued a sincere apology via his facebook page. He conceded that Australia and Australian fans were always nice to him. They had made his record, “Bat out of Hell” number one in Australia all those years ago. He was thankful for their many kindnesses and apologized for any angry or harsh words that might have hurt his fans in Australia.

The Guardian reported the news first.

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