Meet The Contestants Of “The Bachelor Season 20”

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Meet The Contestants Of “The Bachelor Season 20”
The Bachelor Season 20

Everyone is anxiously waiting for ABC’s “The Bachelor” Season 20 to air. Read to know about the beautiful ladies who would endeavor to win Ben Higgins’ heart in  “The Bachelor.”

It has been learnt that the contestants in “The Bachelor” are professionals from all walks of life. From cowgirls to graphic designers, viewers would find the ladies have their likings while choosing their vocation and which also defines a part of them.

But inspiring or quirky professions these ladies have does not only make “The Bachelor” Season 20 exciting reports ABC. The contestants are beautiful as always and make a formidable impression on the suave software salesman, Higgins, 27.


The night in the mansion on Monday, January 4 8|7c, when the show would be premiered is going to be night of introspection, contemplation and finding sheer love for Higgins. According to reports, Higgins is infatuated by the twin sisters named Emily and Haley in the show. He also seems to be smitten by another cheerful contestant, Jami in “The Bachelor Season 20”. She is friend of Kaitlyn Bristowe (Bachelorette) and works as a bartender in Canada.


But you never know to whom Higgins finally decides to give his heart. There are lots of surprises in the show. In the show two former contestants named Becca and Amber return for the second chance. The ladies had participated in Chris Soules’ season.

Would any of the ladies help Higgins fight his demons of not being loved? The names of the contestants who would be competing for his precious heart can be found below! “The Bachelor” Season 20 would air on ABC channel on Mondays.

Amanda, 25: She is an esthetician and lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Amber, 30: She is a bartender and lives in Chicago, IL

Becca, 26: She is a chiropractic assistant and lives in San Diego, CA

Breanne, 30: She is a nutritional therapist and lives in Seattle, WA

Caila, 23: She is a software sales representative and lives in Hudson, OH

Emily, 22: She lives in Las Vegas, NV

Haley, 22: She lives in Las Vegas, NV

Isabel “Izzy,” 24: She is a graphic designer and lives in Branford, CT

Jackie, 23: She is a gerontologist and lives in San Francisco, CA

Jami, 23: She is a bartender and lives in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Jennifer, 25: She is a small business owner and lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jessica, 23: She is an accountant and lives in Boca Raton, FL

Joelle “Jo Jo,” 24: She is a real estate developer and lives in Dallas, TX

Jubilee, 24: She is a war veteran and lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lace, 25: She is a real estate agent and lives in Denver, CO

Laura, 24: She is an account executive and lives in Louisville, KY

Lauren “LB,” 23: She is a fashion buyer and lives in Stillwater, OK

Lauren B., 25: She is a flight attendant and lives in Marina Del Rey, CA

Lauren H., 25: She is a kindergarten teacher and lives in Ann Arbor, MI

Lauren R., 26,: She is a math teacher and lives in Houston, TX

Leah, 25: She is an event planner and lives in Denver, CO

Maegan, 30: She is a cowgirl and lives in Weatherford, TX

Mandi, 28: She is a dentist and lives in Portland, OR

Olivia, 23: She is a news anchor and lives in Austin, TX

Rachel, 23: She is lately unemployed and lives in Little Rock, AR

Samantha, 26: She is an attorney and lives in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Shushanna, 27: She is a mathematician and lives in Salt Lake City, UT

Tiara, 26: She is a chicken enthusiast and lives in Redmond, WA

Photo Source: The Bachelor/Facebook

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