Meet the Reigning Queens of Television in Hollywood

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Meet the Reigning Queens of Television in Hollywood

They have worked hard to reach where they are today and it certainly has paid off for them. In the Highest paid TV Actresses list, we have not one, but two contenders sharing the spot. “The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco and “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara are currently the World’s highest paid TV Actresses.


According to Daily Mail, with their per episode salary, consistent earning and immense fan following the two actresses have come out on top when compared to other wonderful actresses.

Cuoco though earns more per episode with a whopping $1 million per episode currently whereas Vergara’s earnings per episode is $325,000. But the thing with Sofia is that she also is a successful businesswoman so her net worth matches Cuoco’s and puts her on the top spot as well. So how exactly do the two TV actresses qualify to become the highest paid actresses?

Firstly, Cuoco has been the most desirable and unattainable woman in “The Big Bang Theory” who eventually ends up with a nerd like Leonard. Her ending up with a nerd has probably hit the right notes as she continues to chirp her way to the bank and straight into the hearts of nerds around the globe.

Apart from this her comic timing and tendency to not know anything on the show has added to her success. But showing her new side with Penny becoming a saleswoman has probably just strengthened her fan base because a combination of a woman who is beautiful yet street smart is indeed rare.

As far as Vergara goes, her beauty defies all age barriers because even at 43 she can give a young 25-year-old girl a run for her money. With her more than the generous frame and unintentionally being funny has contributed a lot to her success.

Besides this the role of Gloria, Jay’s trophy wife in “Modern Family” was perhaps just made for her because her personality spells Gloria! Her voice pitch and ethnic background just add the green in her bank account.


Forbes back in an article added that it is because of both the actresses having a plump contract with their sitcoms is the reason why their pay just keeps on getting upwards. At the peak of their careers both Kaley  Cuoco and Sofia Vergara can look forward to doing something even better than what they are doing and they will surely remain on the list for a really long time.

Photo source: Facebook/VMinc

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