Meet The ‘Suicide Squad:’ Everything You Need To Know About the Superhero Villains

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Meet The ‘Suicide Squad:’ Everything You Need To Know About the Superhero Villains

Did you know that Killer Croc is an AA sponsor? Or Katana’s husband lives in her sword? Or that a guy called Captain Boomerang actually gets taken seriously? Here, we have everything you need to know about “Suicide Squad” before the movie hits the big screens, and some things you don’t!

Harley QuinnDC Comics/Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn

Dr. Harleen Quinzel used to be a psychiatrist, until a session with the Joker turned the doctor into the patient. Now she is the criminally insane on-again off-again girlfriend of the clown prince of crime. Her weapon of choice is a gigantic mallet, which we hope will make an appearance in the movie.

killerCrocDC Comics/Suicide Squad
Killer Croc

Born with a condition that produces to reptilian traits in humans and also a terrible attitude, Waylon Jones took to crime pretty early on in his life. With a strict diet of unwary citizens, Croc ruled the sewers of Gotham with an iron jaw. Besides being a complete beast, Croc is also a strict teetotaller and the Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor to DC comics hero, Arsenal.

katanaDC Comics/Suicide Squad

This girl loves her sword and quite literally so, because it houses the soul of her husband. The Muramasa blade Soultaker steals the souls of whoever it kills. You’d think having a thousand bad guys yammering at you from your sword is distracting, and it totally is. However, Katana can free these souls with a special ritual and make them do her bidding, although it does not make her popular at parties.

Captain_BoomerangDC Comics/Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang

George “Digger” Harkness is one of the most famous Australian characters in DC comics. And in that capacity, he speaks in an overly exaggerated aussie accent and uses perhaps the most stereotypical australian weapon: the Boomerang. Of course, he has modified his tools to explode, go lightning fast and even go to outer-space (and then, presumably, come straight back).

deadshotDC Comics/Suicide Squad

Floyd Lawton can shoot the wings off a bee. One of the founding members of the “Suicide Squad” (against his will, of course), he is an expert with all kinds of guns, comes armed with two wrist mounted machine guns. In the comics, he has the moustache of a 70’s pornstar, which we are glad to say Will Smith is not keeping.

enchantressDC Comics/Suicide Squad


Freelance artist June Moone went to perhaps the worst party of the millennium when she was forcibly bonded to the villainous spirit known as the Enchantress. Now she is a master of magic but not her own body, as it is often taken over by the evil spirit for its vile purposes.

eldiabloDC Comics/Suicide Squad

El Diablo

We are seeing a lot of ethnic diversity in the team, with Chato Santana joining in from Mexico as El Diablo. Possessed by the spirit of vengeance (think Ghost-rider), the tattooed criminal can control and manipulate fire at will besides being flame resistant and very useful to have with in dark places.

SlipknotDC Comics/Suicide Squad

A minor DC villain with control and mastery over ropes, Slipknot seems pretty de-powered compared to the rest of the team. He is also famous for either running away from fights or dying in them in the comics, so it will be interesting to see what the movie will make of him.

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