Meet the Rock’s Newest Character: He Loves to Kick Ass

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Meet the Rock’s Newest Character: He Loves to Kick Ass
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | The Rock

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, is dishing out rock solid entertainment again. He recently posted news on the instagram that he would be playing a CIA agent in the comedy, Central Intelligence, which comes out in 2016. Apparently the man’s been busy with the new movie and the movie is looking smashing to say the very least!

In his Instagram post, the Rock revealed that he would play the character, Bob in the movie. He also revealed that he was the most lethal operative the CIA had. Rock’s character, Bob, marches to the beat of his own unique drum and loves Public Enemy. He can also drink Jack Daniels by the gallon and has a real fondness for, rather strangely, unicorns. The character will obviously be a big pull at the box office. He also posted a picture from the sets of Central Intelligence. Kevin Hart will also be doing the film with him.

Cinema Blend reported that in Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson’s character, Bob, is one of the CIA’s top employees. He was somewhat of a nerd though when he was in high school. His nemesis played by Kevin Hart was the most popular person in school. But his days as the most popular kid in school are way behind him. When they meet at their high school reunion, The Rock’s character, Bob, decides to rope Hart’s character into assisting him and CIA in an attempt to foil a plot to sell classified military secrets to criminal organizations.

Warner Brothers have high hopes for Central Intelligence. The studio executives believe that the action comedy will sell well at the box office. Judging by the buzz generated, they might have got their hands on a potential action comedy franchise that will be in the same ilk as the Jump Street movies.

Photo Source: Facebook/The Rock

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