Why Is Megan Fox Convinced That Social Media Is ‘Toxic’ For Children?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Is Megan Fox Convinced That Social Media Is ‘Toxic’ For Children?
Megan Fox

Actress and mom Megan Fox does not seem to see eye-to-eye with social media. In fact she termed it as “toxic” and believes that children should be away from it.

Fox, 29, is a mother of two children with her former Brian Austin Green. Though, both her kids are toddlers, she is worried that such things can be proved to a trap for kids.

The actress was speaking to ET when she commented that social media is quite toxic for today’s youth. Fox also said that there are many schools where a kid’s coolness is determined by which of them has the maximum followers on a social media and who gets the maximum number of “likes”.

Megan Fox feels that it is not a nice thing to get up every morning and your children discussing who liked his picture and who is following him or her.

She narrated her not so pleasant experience when she used Twitter for about five days. She found that kids as young as 12 and 13-year-olds were desperate enough to tweet that if she did not follow them back, they would commit suicide. She felt that was really awful.

Fox was speaking to ET at the set of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2”. The star confessed that she realized how negatively kids were getting influenced as they put lot of unnecessary importance on social following.

The mother-of-two stressed that it is the parents’ responsibility and that they realize their kids should be off social media.

Megan Fox feels that a teenager is not ready for being active in social media. It is her conviction that one has to be an adult before beginning to mess around. It can be dangerous, as well as, irresponsible.

Well! Looking at her strong reaction, it may not be incorrect to assume that her sons Bodhi and Noah would not be seen on social media very soon.


Photo Source: Facebook/Megan Fox

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