Megan Is Missing is The Scariest Film Ever & Here’s Why

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Megan Is Missing is The Scariest Film Ever & Here’s Why
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Megan is Missing is one of the most controversial and arguably creepiest horror movies released in the past decade. Six years after it was released, here are the reasons why it deserves to be revisited.

Who is Megan?

The movie is written and directed by Michael Goi, an award-winning director, screenwriter and cinematographer whose works include Glee, Web Therapy, Scream Queens and American Horror Story. It follows a 13-year-old named Amy Herman (Amber Perkins), a socially awkward girl who is friends with the school’s popular girl Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn). Because she is unpopular among the two, Amy clings to Megan as her entry into a life of hard partying, drugs, alcohol and sex.

One day, Megan met up with Josh (Dean Waite), a 17-year-old boy she met at on an online chat room. After that, she was never seen again.

The police did an investigation but found no lead, making them assume that she simply ran away with her new boyfriend. However, Amy believed that something might have happened to her friend so she contacted Josh to ask about Megan’s whereabouts. When she found his answers suspicious, she investigated for herself and found a security footage of her kidnapping. She brought the evidence to the police and reopened the case once again.

However, because of her actions, Amy became the target of Josh. He tells her that he is watching her or else.

At the end of the movie, Amy tried to confront the guy she met online and she, too, was abducted. The second half of the movie shows an unedited footage that recounts the kidnapping of the young woman and what happens next.

Striving To Be Real

Megan is Missing is not exactly a cinematic masterpiece. After all, the movie received criticism due to a number of technical mistakes that could have been avoided on the hands of a more experienced filmmaker.

However, it is scary not because it employed perfectly-timed jump-scares nor does it involve supernatural elements like ghosts and zombies. It stays with the viewer even after years of watching because of its attempt to be real right from the storytelling technique to the plot that, at this time and age, could potentially happen and the portrayal of the lead characters.

The movie was presented in the style of found footage similar to more popular titles like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. It gives the illusion that the viewers were voyeurs and, in a time when sites like Live Leak thrive, it is not difficult to imagine that it did happen.

Moreover, the characters are so basic, they are almost familiar. Amy and Megan are two typical teenagers that may have been friends or classmates or neighbors. This makes the threat of Josh and other anonymous criminals hiding on the web all the more real.

The unedited ending is also not something that one can possibly forget for a really long time. The 20-minute found footage account of Amy’s kidnapping, abuse and death are very unsettling even with sites like Live Leak.

In fact, the ending was so gruesome that the movie was later banned in New Zealand for sexual violence involving young women. The New Zealand Censorship Board (OFLC) argued that the release of the movie will be “injurious to the public good.” In 2013, a retailer even had to pay a fine for selling copied of Megan is Missing and rape-revenge movie I Spit on Your Grave which was also banned in the country, reported by

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