Megatron Returns In New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

By Eva Artosilla | 1 year ago
Megatron Returns In New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer
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The Transformers: The Last Knight trailer is finally here confirming that Megatron will wreak havoc once again. The iconic character as the villain is expected to titillate fans again especially with its new look. After all, nothing makes a good action movie than a disastrous villain.

The film appears to be set years after the events of its predecessor. While many of the characters from the previous films return the world as we know, it has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In this new setting, we are introduced Izabella who was orphaned by the Battle of Chicago. Mark Wahlberg has also returned and plays a sort of father figure to Izabella, as reported by Collider.

In the absence of Optimus Prime, a battle for survival has begun between humans and Transformers. New transformers, possibly Decepticon remnants or Lockdown’s colleagues descend on Earth. This prompts the Autobots to once again fight alongside the humans.

The trailer shows what appears to be a contingent of Transformers laying waste to Izabella’s neighborhood. Their leader, despite not speaking any lines, bears resemblance to Megatron, according to Movieweb. If you’re wondering why the new look, well here’s our Transformers: The Last Knight theory.

Technically, the one returning is his ego not necessarily the robot from the first three films. Thanks to K.S.I. Industries, the Decepticon leader has gotten an overhaul.

Given that he also did not participate in the final battle with Lockdown, he is essentially unscathed following the ending of the previous film. Interestingly, he does not resemble the original Galvatron design of K.S.I.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Megatron Has A New Look

We believe that Megatron’s new look is partly due to his new alliance, or should we say, employers. After Lockdown’s failure, the “creators” would have likely sent another contingent to Earth. The presence of numerous ships similar to Lockdown’s seems to support this.

This new contingent could be the ones that are following Megatron who, for whatever reason, was deemed fit to take over Lockdown’s mission and possibly more. After all, he is no longer hunting Prime but leading a war against humanity.

While many moviegoers already foresaw Megatron’s return, thanks to Age of Extinction’s finale, it’s still gratifying to see the big bad robot. I mean what would Optimus Prime or specifically the franchise be without Megatron?

The circumstances of his return however, are truly unexpected. Who could have foreseen that he would not return as Galvatron and with a new army to boot. Of course, given the lack of dialogue from Megatron, we could be wrong and Micheal Bay does intend to return the Decepticon as Galvatron. Whatever the case, we will find out soon enough when Transformers: The Last Knight premieres this June.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Megatron

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