Why Meghan Trainor Feels the Word ‘Plus-Sized’ Should Be Gone?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Why Meghan Trainor Feels the Word ‘Plus-Sized’ Should Be Gone?
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Meghan Trainor has been making body confidence as part of her platform since last year. She started the trend with her hit “All about That Bass” through, which she made her debut single.

Meghan Trainor is now the official spokesperson for fullbeauty.com, an online retailer for 12+ size clothing.

Just ahead of the launch, this 21-year-old pop singer shared with elle.com that it was never a conscious decision to become a confidence idol. It happened to her just out of a fluke.

However, when the conversation moves around body image, especially in the fashion industry, she gets mad. It bothers her when she sees people passing scathing comments about a model just because she has put on a little extra weight.

Meghan hates it when someone describes a woman as skinny and beautiful.

She also shared during the interview that she hated the term “plus-size”. When she discussed this with FullBeauty, they were quite amicable about her not wanting to be labeled as a plus-sized girl. The e-retailer was perfectly cool about her decision.

In fact it was the retailer who introduced the term “full-beauty” and she liked it instantly. This was what made her very excited about the project and she wanted to work with them. Meghan strongly feels that the term “plus-sized” should not be used at all.

When Meghan was asked whether she looks up to anyone in the industry, she admitted that she like Beyonce because of her curves and also because Beyonce loves them too and keeps talking about them.

She also feels that J. Lo has an outstanding booty. She also likes some of the new girls like Melissa McCarthy and Gigi. She loves their inspirational and big quotes.

The magazine also asked Meghan about whether she would like to design her own clothing line. She replied that there is a high possibility of doing so, now that she is a celebrity in the entertainment industry, she has to often go for fittings and wear some real cool stuff. She is optimistic that she has an ability to design something comfortable and cool for all body sizes.

Photo Source: Facebook/Meghan Trainor

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