Mel B.’s Lesbian Lover Speaks Up [WATCH VIDEO]

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
Mel B.’s Lesbian Lover Speaks Up [WATCH VIDEO]
Melanie Brown in Toronto

Scary Spice has a “wife”?!

Apparently so, if a certain Christa Parker is to be believed. According to Parker, she and Melanie Brown, former Spice Girl and current mentor on “The Voice Kids Australia,” had a five-year affair and even enjoyed threesomes with another woman in bed.

Mel B., who’s married to film producer Stephen Belafonte, with whom she has a three-year-old daughter, is vehemently denying all these allegations.

The first whiff of this lesbian affair first appeared in the tabloids in 2007 but took a backseat to bigger news of the British singer-songwriter taking up with Eddie Murphy and bearing his (belatedly acknowledged) child.

Its speculated that Parker keeps nudging her alleged relationship with the 39-year-old “Stepping Out” judge to the front of the news in the hopes of receiving more than just notoriety. Is Parker trying to blackmail Scary Spice?

Parker, a 42-year-old curvy redhead, who was married during the reported affair, which occurred 10 years ago, tells tabloids she and Mel B. first started out as friends when they first met, but their relationship spiraled into a sexual one, with Mel B. acting as the dominant partner in their union and Parker the “wife.”

The former “X Factor Australia” judge did admit in the past she’d had relationships with women when she was a teenager, but her representatives are denying that she’d been referring to anyone by the name of Christa Parker.

"I had a great four-year relationship with a lovely lady who I still talk to this day, and that's that. I mean, if it happened yesterday I would probably be saying something different. But I've been happily married to my husband for seven years,” Mel B. told Attitude Magazine. “Do I want to spoon with a woman, and snuggle? No. I want to do that with my husband. At 17 I wanted to spoon and snuggle and do everything with a woman… But not right now."

Looks like Scary Spice has turned over a new leaf as a wife and mom and is making an effort to clean up her image. What do you say to that, Christa Parker?

Watch Mel B. turn up the heat in her racier past:

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