Melania Trump Defends Donald Trump’s ‘Grab Women’ Tape; Billy Bush Loses NBC Job! [Watch All]

By Sangati Jogwar | 1 year ago
Melania Trump Defends Donald Trump’s ‘Grab Women’ Tape; Billy Bush Loses NBC Job! [Watch All]
Melanie Trump & Donald Trump

Melania Trump  & Donald Trump are certainly in thick waters now that the opposition is coming out with some dirty leaks and testimonies. But the one that did most harm is the release of a hot-mic tape. In the audio, the Republican boasts of how his celeb status gives him the privilege of grabbing women by the pussy.

While defending the tape, Melania Trump stated that the NBC News host Billy Bush egged the current candidate for the President post. According to the wife of the billionaire, Bush egged Trump, reports The Guardian. Melania stated that her husband apologized to her about the tape.

The way Mrs. Trump is defending Donald Trump, it seems that she has forgiven her husband for the controversial tape. While talking to Anderson Cooper on CNN Melania said that it was kind of a boy talk. The host Billy Bush led him to say all the dirty and bad stuff.

Opposition Trying To Hurt Trump’s Campaign?

Melania Trump accused the media, NBC, Access Hollywood, and the left-leaning media of purposely trying to malign the image of Donald Trump. She said that the opposition does not want to talk about the emails, Wikileaks, Benghazi. They instead want to hurt the campaign of Trump.

In another interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Melania Trump talked in detail about the grab women tape.

She said that the words in the tape were offensive and inappropriate. According to the ex-supermodel, Donald Trump apologized to her and she accepted his apology. All might be well in the paradise of the Trump couple, but the leaked tape caused Billy Bush to lose his job as NBC News host.

According to reports, Bush will not be Today anchor from henceforth. The tape revealed the television personality having an engaging crude and derogatory conversation about women with Donald Trump.

The official report from the executive producer of the show, Noah Oppenheim says that Bush will no longer be a part of the morning news. The channel suspended him following the leaking of the tape on Oct. 7.

So, the grab women tape has already started doing damage. Will it affect the life of Melania Trump and Donald Trump and the election campaign?

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