‘Melissa & Joey’ Series Finale Spoilers: Is It A Happily Ever After Finale? How Did The Show End?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Melissa & Joey’ Series Finale Spoilers: Is It A Happily Ever After Finale? How Did The Show End?
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How did the show “Melissa & Joey” end? –Pregnancy and engagement revealed. Read spoilers below.

Fans will surely be sad as the show is now having their happy ending at last! The comedy series from ABC Family is now ready to wrap up their longtime running show after four seasons and 104 episodes. However, as expected the show did not let the fans hope down as they didn’t end their show without a few twists and surprising moments to cap off the finale.

According to International Business Times“Melissa & Joey” Season 4 finale will be revolving about Melissa, played by Melissa Joan Hart. It will be about Mel’s discovery that she is pregnant with twins.

In the show’s finale, Mel can be seen very thrilled to be pregnant but having twins really surprised her. She is really having second thoughts about having two babies and running for congress. However, she did not say that she wants it all at the exact same time.

Joey Lawrence’ character, Joe made sure to Mel that everything will be okay. But, Mel worries that she won’t be able to overcome the stress and all the pressure that is set to happen to her. In return, she says she isn’t going to run for election.

Mel plans to officially announce to her supporters that she is not running anymore. As she goes up to the podium, the politician and soon-to-be mom realizes that “she doesn’t have to give up her dreams just because she’s afraid to handle two things at the same time.” She realizes that she has the support of her family and she can handle the challenge, even if it’s scary.

“I’m running for congress, and I’m going to win,” Hart’s character said.

Meanwhile, the other couple in “Melissa &Joey” are still fixing their own issues. Lennox, played by Taylor Spreitler and Zander, played by Sterling Knight about the latter’s music. They eventually kissed and makeup, but Zander still thinks that they clearly can’t be together under one roof.

Later that day, Lennox and Zander go to a friend’s wedding. On the way back, they get into a car accident when a deer ran into the road.

“Life’s too short to be fighting over these petty living together problems,” Zander said before he proposed to Lennox.

Everything went smoothly from then on; Mel finally said that she will still be running for congress, Zander and Lennox announce their engagement. They assured  the older couple about rushing things. Ryder (Nick Robinson) is going to Portsmouth, Virginia near Washington, D.C. after getting his orders from the Navy.

Meanwhile, Joe’s publisher informed him about publishing his book and scheduling his book tour. As Mel assures Joe that he can have his tour while the baby is on board—they kiss and the family has a big group hug!

Happy ending indeed, even one of the lead star, Melissa Joan Hart said that the writers saw to it that the audience will not be confused or sad with the ending.

“They’ll go, ‘Oh, I get what’s going to happen to them in the future,’,” she told TVLine.

Were you satisfied with “Melissa & Joey” show finale?

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