Melissa McCarthy in Identity Thief

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Melissa McCarthyIt looks like it is Melissa McCarthy’s year this 2013. She had a brief stint in Bridesmaids in 2011. Her short part gave her a nomination for an Academy Award. She had a start via television sitcoms. This year she gets her big break as the main star of a comedy with funnyman Jason Bateman. The role gives McCarthy a chance to show a wider range of emotion even if the movie features a lot of slapstick.

In Identity Thief, McCarthy plays the titular character, Diana. She makes random phishing calls until she contacts with Sandy Bigelow Patterson, played by Jason Bateman. She tells him that she works for a identity theft protection company. She manages to get his full name, address, phone number, and social security number, which are all the information she needs to steal his identity.

Then we see Diana in Florida, enjoying the day spas and buying new car and jet skis. She’s doing it all in the expense of Sandy, who has no idea of what’s happening with his credit report while trying to make ends meet in Denver.

Sandy is a businessman with a wife (Amanda Peet) and two kids to support. He wants to start his own company but is surprised to find out that all his credit is already used up by Diana, who has passed herself off as Sandy.

The name Sandy is a running joke all throughout Identity Thief. The pace is face with lots of slapstick physical comedy. This might not be for everybody, especially when some of the gags border on abuse. McCarthy manages to elicit some sympathy for her character. She has no problem in making a name for herself. She is someone to look forward in years to come and hopefully with better roles than the one in this movie.

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