Men in Black 3- Preview Trailer

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Men in Black 3- Preview Trailer
Men in Black 3- Preview Trailer

Men in Black 3- is a movie that is destined for release on 25th May 2012 in UK. It is a 3D science fiction and comedy film, which is starred by the famous Will Smith in conjunction with Tommy Lee Jones. It is a release that is lopped around other successive sequel fiction movie the 1997-Men in Black, and 2002- Men in Black II, which were both also starred by Smith and Jones. The Men in Black 3D- 2012 fiction and comedy movie also features stars like Josh Brolin, Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, and Jemaine Clement.

In this movie, Barry Sonnenfiled returns as director while Steven Spielberg returns as executive producer. There has been previously two entries of the “Men in Black” series and this is the third entry. It is based on the Malibu/Marvel, a series of comic books. The book is called “The Men in Black” and is written by Lowell Cunningham. On 16th November, 2010, the production of the comedy film began in New York.

The film features a veteran MIB field agent referred to as agent J (Will Smith), who learns that another agent K’s life, and the fate of the Earth are destined for the worst. What this means for agent J is that he must travel in time to back 1969 in order to stop an alien criminal under the name Boris that is about to assassinate agent K(Josh Brolin) and change the history of the planet.

Given only 24 hours to travel in the past from the future, he has to get back from the future to back 1969 where he will team up with a young agent K known as Josh Brolin in order to stop the alien and this is such a short time for the accomplishment. If he delayed past the 24 hours, he risks being trapped in the past forever.

The premise of the film was first mentioned by Will Smith who proposed to director Barry Sonnenfeld when filming “Men in Black II” and this was ten years ago in 2002. Smith suggested that his character as agent J would entail travelling back in time to save a close partner agent K while also learning more about agent K’s history.

In 2009, April 1st, the progress of the movie saw a green light when it was first announced by Sony Pictures Entertainment president in a Sony West Presentation. Sonnenfeld had earlier been noted saying that the production of this film was a very long process since it required the knotting issues of time travel.

Etan Cohen was hired to write the film’s screenplay by October 2009. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith joined Barry Sonnenfeld in May 2010 after a Smith’s skeptical comeback. In June 2010, another writer David Koepp was hired to take up a rewrite of the Cohen script.

The principal photography of “Men in Black 3D” began in November 16th 2010, with some stops in between November 2010 and April 2011. In April 2011, the filming continued in the Morris Park, which is a section of The Bronx. “Men in Black 3” is distributed by Columbia Pictures and is set to be released on the 25 May 2012 in the United Kingdom.

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