‘Mena’ Movie: Tom Cruise’s Photos as a Drug Smuggler

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Mena’ Movie: Tom Cruise’s Photos as a Drug Smuggler

Such is Tom Cruise’s dedication towards portraying the role he takes up that he insists on keeping it real instead of bringing something made up on the silver screen. The actor who is currently shooting for “Mena”, a movie set in the 80’s about a man called Barry Seal who was an infamous drug smuggler before becoming a Federal informant. Although Barry Seal did not meet the most pleasant end, this movie surely promises to bring another real life inspired story on screen.

According to Daily Mail, the actor who was back on the sets of “Mena” in Atlanta, Georgia was all dressed up in 80’s inspired period costume alongside co-star Sarah Wright. The actor could be seen having a wonderful time both chatting and shooting scenes for the movie along with her. Dressed in a brown shirt and blue jeans, Tom looked the part as he also kept on moving around on the set. One of the signature props that he was sporting was the aviator sunglasses that just completed his looks. It is being said that the actor will be putting on weight to look the part since Barry was also known as El Gordo aka The Fat Man instead of using props like the way he used in “Tropic Thunder” to play the angry studio executive Les Grossman.

Back in the day, Barry Seal was known for making millions of dollars flying almost 60 tons of cocaine in the US before deciding to become CIA’s informant and giving them information about different drug cartels. He was shot dead in a series of bullets that were shot at him by some Colombian hit men. Apart from the movies that he has been doing, Tom is also known to be quite close to his assistant Emily, who co-incidentally bears a striking resemblance to his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Whatever the issue is, it’s definitely just a speculation because Tom is busy doing what he does the best and that is charming one and all.

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Photo source: Facebook/Tom Cruise

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