The Messengers Review: No Chance for Renewal

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
The Messengers Review: No Chance for Renewal

The CW’s newest series “The Messengers” just premiered on Friday, Apr. 17, 2015, but TV by the Numbers already predicted its sure cancellation. Read on to know why.

“The Messengers” had the lowest rating among The CW’s current shows. According to the Renew/Cancel Index presented by TV by the Numbers from Dec. 29, 2014 to April 19, the apocalypse-themed series only generated a 0.43 rating. The show is considered as the network’s summer treat but failed to deliver more viewers. On the other hand, the network’s highest-rated show is “The Flash” with 1.97. However, the review site concluded that all The CW summer series have low rating.

The Cancellation Bear claimed that “there is no chance” for “The Messengers” to return for the regular season. It also bashed the series’ fans by describing them as “delusional.”



Although the series could air again on summer 2016, the blunt furry critic still could not imagine its return because of the “terrible ratings.” Tom Shaw from Bubble Watch added that the series would end before its designated number of episodes.

For the good news, “iZombie” is “certain to be renewed.” It is The CW’s third highest-rated show of the year with a 1.07 rating. The site reiterated that “there’s no way it’s getting cancelled.”

“The Messengers” focuses on five chosen humans who will be resurrected for the infamous Scripture concept – Rapture or the apocalypse. The chosen people are called Angels of the Apocalypse. 

Latin Post added the show is expected to provide consistent reference from the Bible. It also promised a memorable villain who would wait for the five Angels to gather in Houston. Diogo Morgado is going to play the antagonist called The Man and was ironically playing the role of Jesus Christ from the movie “Son of God” and the History Channel series “The Bible.”

“The Messengers” airs every Friday at 9:00 p.m. on The CW.

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