‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Episode 19 ‘Vesuvius’ Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 Episode 19 ‘Vesuvius’ Recap [WATCH VIDEO]
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It took the fans of “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM) more than half of the seasons to find out who Ted ends up with. The Internet world is currently abuzz after the “Vesuvius” episode aired on Monday, Mar. 3, 2014 at CBS.  Read on for the “How I Met Your Mother” Season 9 Episode 19 “Vesuvius” recap.

It can be recalled that Ted’s future wife, only known as “The Mother” has been introduced at the end of Season 8 (Episode 24 “Something New”) on May 13, 2013 as ” “Once” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” actress Cristin Milioti. Now, in the episode “Vesuvius,” we see more of her including her background and the events that lead up to her eventual meeting with Ted.

Robin and Lily had a disagreement on the wedding day. Moreover, they watched a movie that Ted has forbidden them to see.

What about the buzz? Rumour has it that this episode suggested that “The Mother” is already dead or dying! That is why Ted is telling their love story to their kids. The episode had a fast forward to ten years later, as Ted is sharing a story of his pal’s wedding to his future wife.

“You’re the love of my life, Pooh Bear. I just worry about you. I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward,” Ted’s wife said to him as quoted in a TV Line report.

Then, Ted went on with his story about Robin’s mother showing up at the wedding.

“Of course she showed up. What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?” said “The Mother.”

Ted and “The Mother” looked at each other. Then, his eyes were filled with tears. Could it be that “The Mother” will not be able to attend her daughter’s wedding?

As fans, all we can do is to speculate on how this popular TV series would end. However, being accustomed to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ writing expertise in creating a twist in the story, we surely have to keep up with the show to find out.

Meanwhile, James Poniewozik of Time said that the turnout of events in the show will depend on its final episodes. According to Poniewozik, the best explanation would be that “Vesuvius” was just messing with the viewers just to create tension in the remaining episodes.

“It’s whacking us with an emotional 2-by-4 that the series (which is told in retrospect, after all), has done nothing to prepare us for,” wrote Poniewozik in his review at Time.

That’s the “How I Met Your Mother” Season 9 Episode 19 “Vesuvius” recap. The next HIMYM episode titled “Daisy” (Episode 20) will air on Monday,March  10, 2014 on CBS.

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