Metal Gear Solid: Director Confident It Will Be The First Good Video Game Movie

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Metal Gear Solid: Director Confident It Will Be The First Good Video Game Movie
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Hollywood just cannot stop taking popular video games to turn into movies. Most of time, the big screen adaptation do not live up to expectations and fans come home disappointed. However, Metal Gear Solid aims to become the first that to break the trend.

Video Game Curse

There has been many video games that were turned into bad movies and more are coming in the next few years. Last year’s Assassin’s Creed from Michael Fassbender and Justin Kurzell disappointed in box office and bad reviews from movie critics and fans of the game. Big screen adaptations of Tomb Raider, The Division, Five Nights At Freddy’s and more are coming.

Metal Gear Solid will soon be one of them. Jordan Vogt-Roberts was given the incredible task of transforming a rather complex video game world into a movie blockbuster and he is confident that he will be able to do it. At an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit (via Polygon), the filmmaker answered questions about his new movie Kong: Skull Island and his next projects including Metal Gear Solid.

A fan was concerned about how the director will translate the video game into the big screen. Considering flops such as Warcraft and Angry Birds, there is skepticism that a movie adaptation will just not work out. However, Vogt-Roberts understand why there are virtually no good video game movies out there.

“The first great video game movie needs to reconcile the fact that each game has its own language that elicits specific emotions from a player,” he explained. It also has to make the audience invest in the narrative through the character. He admitted that it would be a challenge, but one that has already been done before.

Vogt-Roberts pointed out that there also was skepticism toward The Lord of the Rings. However, the movies developed by Peter Jackson completely redefined fantasy in film. He said it “reminded people that in film nothing stays ‘unadaptable’ for long.”

Metal Gear Solid Movie Details

The movie adaptation of the popular action-adventure game from Hideo Kojima has been in development in Sony since 2014. However, details about the movie is scarce. The cast has not been announced and the studio has not set a release date window as of this writing.

Vogt-Robertson also confirmed to IGN that Gray Fox a.k.a the Cyborg Ninja will be in the movie. The filmmaker said he cannot imagine the world of Metal Gear Solid without the fan-favorite. He also admitted that he is a Sniper Wolf fan. However, not everyone will make it into the movie.

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