Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh And His Wife Adrienne Expecting Twin Babies!

By Bindhu Mol. G | 3 years ago
Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh And His Wife Adrienne Expecting Twin Babies!
Chris Bosh and Adrienne

The lovely couple Chris Bosh and Adrienne are expecting twin babies. Read more to know what the Miami Heat star’s wife likes to say about the happy news.

According to People, the 31-year-old basketball player and his 30-year-old wife came to know about the happy news during this summer when they were spending the holidays in their Malibu, California, house.

“Chris and I are so excited about having twins,” said Adrienne. She added that the news is “amazing.” Indeed, the couple is very happy about having another generation f twins in their family, as there is already two sets of twins in Bosh’s side of family.

Bosh and Adrienne already have three kids – 6-year-old Trinity, 3-year-old Jackson, and 2-year-old Dylan Skye. Trinity is actually the daughter of Bosh and Allison Mathis. Bosh and Adrienne love kids, and always preferred to have a big family. Indeed, the couple has also previously discussed about the possibility of having two more kids to their family. Now, their dream has become true.

Adrienne is about to open a 3500-square-foot glam showroom-styled retail store called Sparkle & Shine Darling, on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, next month. The store is a special place for women to make purchases, as well as very suitable for personal or business parties.

When Bosh was sick due to a blood clot in his lung in February, she had to be beside him until he recovered.

Adrienne is crazy that she needs several versions of her to manage the three children, her store, the to-be-born twins, and the Bosh’s busy basketball season. She also added that everything goes on smoothly as the couple’s dads live nearby their house.

According to E! News, the joyful news was a big relief for the couple during their stressful situation when Bosh had to miss the remainder of the NBA season while he was hospitalized due to the blood clot in his lung.

Chris Bosh and Adrienne are ready to welcome the twins to their family. Congratulations to the couple!

Photo Source: Facebook/ Chris Bosh and Adrienne

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