This Year Miami Jewish Film Festival 2017 Comes Up with Music as its Theme

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 2 years ago
This Year Miami Jewish Film Festival 2017 Comes Up with Music as its Theme
PHOTOGRAPH: Official Website | Miami Jewish Film Festival

20th Annual Miami Jewish Film Festival began on January 12. 2017 with the opening screening at Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. Before its conclusion, there are several lineups offering movies from different genres. This year’s theme for the festival is Music and the event will stress more on to feature film with music as their main subject.

The Miami Jewish Film Festival will feature 65 films from 20 countries. Around 50 filmmakers and other dignitaries affiliated are expected to make their presence felt during this 20-day festival. To name the few, Sports legend Tal Brody, Emmy award-winning actor Stuart Margolin, director Roberta Grossman and Academy Award nominee Nancy Speilberg are the highlights of the festival.

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Manila Jewish Film Festival

Miami Jewish Festival will screen a lineup of films. These categories include North American premieres, US premieres, and Florida premieres. The North American premiere will highlight the French cinema with Tout, Tout de suite. It is a thriller drama showcasing a kidnapping story. Other movies in the line are slapstick comedy the Jews and Fanny’s Journey.

Fanny’s Journey is the true accounts of a group of children. In the film, they showed the courage to escape the Nazi-occupied France. Other films are suspenseful comedy thriller Thank You for Calling and family drama The Origin Of Violence.

The US Premiere

Miami Jewish Festival carries the theme of music. To keep up with the tradition, the focus would be mainly on movies based on music. The US Premiere will feature a documentary Night Song and a Canadian drama with a gripping story, Exit: Music. It is a commendable effort of the revival of classical masterpiece during the reign of Third Reich. The event will also feature live musical performances after the premiere of both the movies.

The Florida Premiere

The Florida premiere will feature Mr. Gaga. It is a beautiful movie that speaks about contemporary dance. The Miami local dance ensemble, Dance Now!, brought it up to life.

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Photo source: Instagram/Miami Jewish Film Festival

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