Michael Bay to Produce ‘Cosmic Motors’

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Michael Bay to Produce ‘Cosmic Motors’

After helming the internationally trending “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and producing “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” notable director Michael Bay is set to bring a different kind of machine into the big screen with “Cosmic Motors.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

We’re all used to the fact that the savior biomechanical entities in the “Transformers” franchise are hidden from the world by taking the guise of very luxurious cars — or exquisitely pimped eight-wheeler truck for Optimus’ sake — assuring the fact that king of explosives Michael Bay surely knows how to deal with shiny vehicles. On his latest project, he is now working to adapt into the big screen “Cosmic Motors” and turn it into another visual phenomenon.

Now that the billion dollar helmer takes the final bow from the “Transformers” franchise, he is now keen in pursuing other fields that can expand his expertise. Shifting things in motion, he is on the verge of creating another film that features flashy cars. According to Cinema Blend, “Cosmic Motors” is a novel penned by Daniel Simon that was published in 2007. Flash forward to this present moment, the book is then currently being adapted as a screenplay with the creative efforts of “Machete Kills” writer, Kyle Ward.

According to Motor Authority, the book is actually ridden with concept arts that feature futuristic vehicles made from a distant galactic civilization called Galaxion. Looking at the book and on its back story, “Cosmic Motors” is a car-manufacturing company that restores old war vehicles and transforming them into high-performance automobiles. The book is basically focused on just nine power cars, which include an eponymously elegant corporate truck and a limitless class racer car that’s utilized through mind control. That’s two down. How about the other seven?

Going back to the credentials of the humble visionary, Simon is not ultimately a neophyte when it comes to associating his talents for creative car creation and film productions. As it appears, he has done quite a lot for some films that needed some intrinsic vehicle architecture. On such note, he was able to visualize and design the vehicle for the animation “Tron: Uprising” and live-action movies “Tron:Legacy” and “Captain America: First Avenger.” To make things more interesting, his visual prowess was also showcased in “Prometheus” and “Oblivion,” with him being the conceptual artist for such remarkable films. (via Digital Trends)

Currently, “Cosmic Motors” is going through the detailed motions in initializing the pre-production process. However, it’s very much obvious that the film is still under fervent developments. Michael Bay is known to be one of this century’s groundbreaking directors who bear praiseworthy expertise in the field of visual effects. This then gives us the impression that this film will turn out to be a definite visual joy.

That ends our scoop on the early development of  Michael Bay’s adaptation of “Cosmic Motors.” Keep visiting Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates in the entertainment world.

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