Michael Buerk Says Sexism Is Very Much Alive in the TV Industry

By Jaycee De Guzman | 4 years ago
Michael Buerk Says Sexism Is Very Much Alive in the TV Industry

London, United Kingdom – Micheal Buerk, a former BBC newsreader, says that sexism is still rampantly applied in the TV industry.

He has noticed that whenever a company cuts down its list of employees, they always tend to minimize the number of women. He has experienced this when he was still part of the news team for BBC. He adds that it is all right to take away the old to train the new. However, he always sees that the laying off is always meant to take away women employees.

Women Are Hired Based Heavily on Looks

In a tribunal fought by Michael Buerk regarding sexism, his thoughts about the issue where verified. One of the questions thrown to the person on the stand was about the reason why they hire young women for the job. The person answered and said that they hire women because they like the way they look.

Buerk emphasizes that this sexism in the industry is heavily based on the looks of women. Their abilities do not define the length and the success of their career. Their skills cannot tell how efficient can they do the job. For Buerk, a career ends when a woman is no longer pleasing to the eyes of the employers.

The Opposite Case for Men

During his long years in the industry, Buerk also saw that the exact opposite happens to men. The number of on-screen women employees that are aged 50 and above are only at 30 percent. However, men at the same age bracket constitute 83 percent of the total number of on-screen presenters.

Several other people who have seen the TV industry change agree with Buerk. They mentioned that older people, especially older women, had a better place at the industry then. The case regarding sexism was won by Michael Buerk. Right now, everybody is expecting that this will be a huge milestone for the industry. The old ways of believing that young and physically beautiful females will attract more ratings could be gone anytime soon.

Sexism is already a long-standing debate. If the advocates had not fought for it, this milestone would not be achieved. The society is battling for more intense cases of sexism; and these happen to both men and women. How do you think should this be addressed? Who is going to be the Buerk of the society?

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