Michael C. Hall Returns to TV as the ‘God Fearing Man’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Michael C. Hall Returns to TV as the ‘God Fearing Man’
Michael C. Hall at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Date 21 July 2011. Wikimedia Commons/Keith McDuffy

Michael C. Hall’s last stint on television was a year ago, with the end of Showtime’s “Dexter.” The actor is set to make a comeback to the small screen as he has chosen to star in Stanley Kubrick’s drama series “God Fearing Man.” Read on to know more about this news story.

“God Fearing Man,” originally a screenplay written by Stanley Kubrick, revolves around the story of Herbert Emerson Wilson, a real-life evangelist who became a wanted criminal in the 1900s. Wilson paired up with Herb Cox to become notorious bank robbers, until Wilson was caught by the police in 1921. His life story was published in the autobiography, “I Stole $16,000,000.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “God Fearing Man” was first placed under development back in 2012, with Entertainment One (EOne) leading the project. The same outfit is still involved in the current production, this time enlisting the help of Philip Hobbs and Steve Lanning, who have worked with Kubrick on “Full Metal Jacket.” With Michael C. Hall on board as its lead star, the actor will also serve as producer for the series. Stephen R. Clarke was originally attached to write the TV adaptation of the story during the 2012 development season, but the latest report doesn’t say if he is still with the project today.

“Kubrick’s God Fearing Man presents a larger-than-life story with a complicated protagonist who undergoes a radical transformation. We knew we had to secure a leading man with the immense talent and charisma needed to carry the project, and we were dedicated to putting in the diligent time and effort to find the perfect fit,” said Michael Rosenber, EOne’s executive vice president for scripted television, in the THR report. He also said that they are pleased Hall has agreed to portray the captivating character of Herbert Emerson Wilson.

Hall played Dexter Morgan in the serial killer thriller “Dexter,” which aired on Showtime for eight seasons. The series concluded last September 2013. Vowing to take time off from television at that time, Hall went on to star on Broadway and did “The Realistic Joneses.” In May, his movie “Cold in July” was released in limited theaters and video-on-demand (VOD).

And that’s the latest buzz on Michael C. Hall, who was last seen on TV in “Dexter.” He will return to the small screen via the drama series “God Fearing Man,” an adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s screenplay. The show will still be shopping for a network for broadcasting and distribution. We’ll keep you updated about this project only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

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