Michael Clifford: 5SOS Guitarist Knocked Someone By His Car In LA, 3 Days After Receiving License

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Michael Clifford: 5SOS Guitarist Knocked Someone By His Car In LA, 3 Days After Receiving License
Michael Clifford

The guitarist of the famous band“5 Seconds Of Summer” (5SOS) was recently reported of receiving his driver’s license after completing 19 years of age. Michael Clifford, only after 3 days of getting his license to drive vehicles is reported to knock someone with his car in Los Angeles when he decided to take a little ride around the city. Read on.

Clifford could have been more careful while driving his car. While he was testing his skills by driving the car, he unfortunately got into trouble. It was reported that he hit somebody on the street of LA and the jolly car drive became a mishap which was very dangerous and scary.

Clifford was also smart enough to cool down and lighten the situation. After this incident, Clifford wrote that he and Calum Hood knocked someone while having a drive around the city on Twitter. He laughed in his statement while saying that this was the first day when he drove in LA and he actually hit someone by his car. Well, it isn’t something to joke about if you knock someone. But they seem to take this incident quite lightly and the two are doing well after the mishap.

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Long after this star made fun about the mishap, the fans also took into this situation into their hands and joined the fun. The followers posted various pictures on Instagram while showing how Clifford would have looked while he had hit someone on the road. They even made fun of his driving skills, according to J-14.

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Obviously, after receiving his license, Clifford must have been really excited to run the car at a speed on the roads. This is also clear from the fact that he has tweeted a lot of times that he has a need for speed. A day before this mishappening this Australian rockstar wrote on Twitter about getting a license and watching fast and furious 7. Hopefully, Clifford will be more conscious while driving around the city from now on.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Michael5SOS

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