Michael Fassbender’s Take On 2015 ‘Steve Jobs’ Film: Jobs Was Flawed Like All Of Us Are

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Michael Fassbender’s Take On 2015 ‘Steve Jobs’ Film: Jobs Was Flawed Like All Of Us Are
Michael Fassbender

We have a new movie on Steve Jobs this year. This one is directed by Danny Boyle, in which he has said that he wished to tell the story in such a way that has never been told before. The film, “Steve Jobs” is an American biographical film and stars Michael Fassbender in the lead role.

Jobs is remembered as a business mogul and the one who carved a niche for himself by breaking barriers. According to The Guardian, his family describes him as, “bullying, pig-headed, control-obsessed, Machiavellian, and morally deficient.”

The 38-year-old Fassbender, who came to the limelight with his role in “Hunger” has some interesting insights for fans who are curious to know about his role in the movie–from monologues of the actor to who they all met while working on it. Fassbender told The Guardian, “What I focused on was somebody who had a vision, and it required an awful lot of energy and focus to achieve that, and that might have brought out a very impatient side to him. Was he flawed? Yeah! We all are.”

As visible to the eyes, the “Shame” actor, Fassbender has no resemblance to Jobs when we talk about physical appearance but what about his demeanor? Does Fassbender exude any of Jobs’ qualities that have made Jobs such a success in the world of business? Of course Fassbender has the same compelling conviction like that of Jobs, reports The Guardian.


Fassbender reveals that they also got to meet some of the affiliates of Jobs, who are also seen in the film. He says that he was struck by the fact that even after leaving the world, Jobs has so much of influence on the people he has worked with. These people hold affection for him in their hearts but it’s sad he is not living anymore. Fassbender said that Jobs had a kind of effect on the people and which is very protruding.

The film opens with Jobs in a crisis-like situation. He seems to be in a mess because the technicians failed at getting the Macintosh to deliver the coveted “hello”. Hope fans who love reading Jobs’ quotes would love this film too!

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