Michael Girgenti Claims He Could be Father of Kourtney’s Child

By admin | 6 years ago

Michael Girgenti, a model has dropped a bombshell by announcing that he could be the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason.

The model said he and Kourtney had unprotected sex nearly nine months prior to her giving birth to Mason Dash her son. He says that means he could be the child’s father and not Scott Disick.

Girgenti alleges he met Kardashian in April of 2008 during a photo shoot for the magazine 944. He said that nearly a year later the two of them got together at his apartment in Glendale. He said they started by kissing and making out then touching one another. He then said the two were on the couch fooling around before the two of them went to his bedroom.

He describes how he took Kourtney’s clothes off, after which she undressed him and they slipped into his bed.

The model then says the two had sex for more than 20 minutes and he described it as being great. Approximately nine months after that incident, Kourtney delivered Mason on December 14, 2009.

Girgenti said after seeing photos of Mason he started to wonder if the child could be his. He attempted to contact Kourtney via her email, but she never responded. He claims he wants to be there for Mason, if Mason is his son.

Girgenti is demanding that a DNA test be performed but there has been no comment from the Kardashian Kamp as of yet.

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