Michael Moore Trump Surprise Movie In The Works? Donald Trump Image to be Affected?

By Edson Kyle Encina | 1 year ago
Michael Moore Trump Surprise Movie In The Works? Donald Trump Image to be Affected?
Michael Moore Trump movie

The Michael Moore Trump movie was teased on multiple occasions on the Oscar-winning writer’s social media account.

The filmmaker teased his new movie dubbed Michael Moore in Trumpland on Twitter. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film will make it’s debut at the New York IFC Center. Oscar-winner Michael Moore posted a string of Tweets hinting the release of his movie.

The writer even referred to his movie as an “October Surprise”. The Michael Moore Trump movie will be a part of the theaters Tuesday night special screening. Tickets to the movie are free of charge and are limited to 2 tickets per person. The IFC center will begin giving out the tickets one hour before screening.

The IFC Center’s Website describes the controversial film as “the film that Ohio Republicans tried to shut down.” And that’s not all, the website mentioned that the Michael Moore Trump film is a “daring and hilarious one-man show”.

Michael Moore’s movie might upset Trump supporters. After all, Moore is known as Trumps verbal sparring partner. But either way, it’s going to be an entertaining affair for guests willing to watch the film. Another detail worth noting is that the filmmaker will be present during screening. Michael Moore himself will be in attendance during the Tuesday night special, what an October surprise indeed!

Donald Trump is constantly appearing in news headlines for the past couple of months. The Republican presidential candidate has been involved in numerous controversial issues. Including issues such as sexist language, racism and even discrimination. Trump is even going to be facing sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women who claim to have proof against him.

And on top of that, the Michael Moore Trump film will undoubtedly affect his public image once again. For better or for worse, all eyes are going to be on Trump as the US elections draw near. Expect Trump to appear in even more news headlines in the following months.

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Photo Source: IFC Center Official Website

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