‘Michelle Duggar’ Claims Family More Victimized Now

By April Lara | 3 years ago
‘Michelle Duggar’ Claims Family More Victimized Now
Josh Duggar responded to alleged child molestation case.

Josh Duggar is definitely in the “thick of things” because of his scandal that has been going around for weeks now. Following his admission of child molestation when he was a teen, advertisers of their show “19 Kids and Counting” as well as TLC’s have started pulling out. Not only that, though, the show has been put on-hold and no word has been said yet whether it will resume or it will be completely cancelled by the network. Read on for more details.

Amidst the scandal, Michelle Duggar, the mother of Josh Duggar claimed that her family, specifically her four daughters felt even more victimized now. It was due to the illegally released police reports of the molestation.

“They have been victimized more by what has happened in these last couple weeks. And they weren’t told years ago because they honestly – they didn’t even understand or know that anything had happened until after the fact when they were told about it, “Duggar said on their interview with Megyn Kelly along with her husband, Jim Bob.

Apparently, Christian Post reported that the police has released Josh’s child molestation report illegally because the reports shouldn’t have been released like that. Michelle is very disappointed with the police department. It was because they trusted them and Josh and her four daughters poured out their hearts to give details for the police report.

Now that the police report has been revealed, Michelle’s four daughters felt victimized more.

Still, Michelle believes that “God will use the scandal for the good and they are not losing the faith that everything will be ok in the end.”

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